Dattes Omi El Bahia

Notre société exporte ses fruits vers tout les pays, depuis sa création elle ne cesse de consolider sa position de leader dans l'exportation de la datte Tunisienne.


Being a producer of dates « Dates Omi El Bahia » is a subsidiary of Company Zrig of International Trading.

It operates in the best plantings of palm trees dates in the south of Tunisia; this part of our country is characterized by its perfect rich soil in the deep center of the desert region Kebili crowned with the divine "Deglet Nour".

Our company offers a processing technology to our customer's services with great respect to the hygienic standards.

Our company offers a packing technology to customer service in compliance with the hygiene standards in force.

Description Quantity / Carton Number of pallets / CTN 20° Number of pallets / CTN 40°
CBox 500gr dates 110 10 20
Box 1 Kg dates 132 10 20
Cardboard box 2Kg dates 440 10 20
Cardboard box 5Kg dates 179 10 20
Ravier 250 g 80 10 20
Ravier 500 g 80 10 20
Carton dried date 10kg 100 10 20
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